world map

The main continents of Elune are:
Eusty, the cursed continent.
Nortne, which contains the nations of Fjorn, Kald, and Svar.
Sulan, the land of the Djinni
Yralm, the wild jungle.

Many floating subcontinents exist. They are:
Argia, the origin of humans.
Shaldea, elfhome.
Telinar, the land of bitter strife, which holds the nations of Pietro and Ovsgrad.

Lastly, the various isles that could be nations in their own right.
Rhakir, the place I forgot to name on the map.
The Pental Isles, a haven for nefarious pirates.
Toch Hold, the birthplace of the orcs.

Elune world map

world map

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