The gods of Elune are varied in temperment, domain, and intent.

The Elder Gods

Krovak (Chaotic Neutral)
Krovak is the patron deity of chaos, war and glorious death. His symbol is a sundered sword. Typical worshipers include barbarians, tyrannical generals, and the more sadistic battle mages.

Selena (Neutral Good)
Selena is the matron deity of all things good, including beneficial healing. She is said to have imbued the world with life after her children had created it. Her symbol is a clean roll of linen. She is betrothed to Krovak, who keeps her (and her clerics) busy. Typical worshipers include pacifists, and battle medics.

The Primal Gods

Chos (Lawful Neutral)
Chos is the firstborn of Krovak and Selena, and is the patron deity of strength, law, and earth. He is signified by a chisel and stone slab. He is credited with creating the land of Elune…but only the land.

Mirin (True Neutral)
Mirin is the secondborn of Krovak and Selena. She holds dominion over luck, agility and water. Her symbol is a net and harpoon. She is said to have swelled the seas of Elune.

Afoi (Chatoic Neutral)
Afoi is the third born of the primal gods. He is the god of fire, flames, and chaos, although to a lesser extent than his father. He is symbolized by an upturned palm holding a flame. In an unusal pang of sympathy, he gifted fire to the sentient races of Elune, a moment of spontaneity that he sometimes regrets. A portion of his divinity was stolen by the legendary thief, Evern.

Swar (True Neutral)
Swar, the last born of the primal gods, is the goddess of nature, air, and stealth. She helped Selena imbue the world with life, and was tasked with looking out for the overall well being of Elune. Her symbol is a leaf swirling in the wind.

Kraith (Neutral Evil)
A being of supreme darkness, Kraith is the result of infighting between the other primal deities. It revels in malevolence, destruction and death. Kraith is symbolized by an unfinished chunk of jet on a crudely made chain.

Ascended Mortals

Evern (Chaotic Evil)
Evern is the god of thievery and murder. His domains are stealth, luck, and trickery. His symbol is a down-pointed dagger. He was a legendary thief who stole a portion of divinity from Afoi, who, needless to say, is none too happy about it.

Grognor (Neutral Good)
Grognor is the deity of the down and out. His domains are luck, good, and protection. His symbol is a flaring mace. In life, Grognor was a defender of the impoverished and ill treated. Selena took a shine to him, and tasked him with liberating Argia from a age-old daemonic cult. He and his fellow adventurers (who became his paragons afterwards) launched a decade-long guerilla war against the cult, rallying and unifying the nation against their alien overlords. His goal for accomplishing this monumental task was godhood.

Da’toch (Lawful Evil)
Da’toch is the principal deity of orcs. Her original ascendance story is lost to orc lore (or, rather, lack of orc lore), but she is most known for her eon-long war to usurp Krovak. This war has left her banished to parts of the multiverse unknown. Her priests pray fervently for her return, with revolting rituals including mass sacrifice.


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