forgotten heroes

The last of the great heroes died nearly four hundred years ago, supposedly taking the last of the great fiends with him.

Surge Fleetheart, Human
Surge was the chosen of Selena, a key figure in the religious communities and a staunch crusader against injustice. He led the uprising of Shaldea, sundering the crown of the lichlord Petrius Osvalt and returning the crown to noble families of both elven Gilder Meadan and human Tyninra, felling a foul tyrant and avoiding a bloody war of dominion.

Gnar Blackwood, Gnoll
Gnar is the head of Swar’s Sentinels, an order of druids dedicated to protecting the world from the threats of the far realm. He successfully defeated the demon Biqal in single combat, invoking a task of ban and preventing him and his legions from invading the plane for an eon and a day.

Tero, Teifling
Tero is one of the founding members and a secret lord of the Shattered Sword. Although he denies it publicly, he defends people of all races agaisnt injustice.

forgotten heroes

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